Microfiber Towels

Super-absorbant, extremely fast drying and lightweight microfiber towels are a must on all trips and expedtions. COCOON microfiber towels are available in four sizes and two qualities. They feature loops with tiny snap fasteners for hang drying.

Microfiber Towel Ultralight
Microfiber Towel Ultralight TSU02-S wasabi
TSU04-S fjord blue
TSU08-S marsala red
TSU06-S manatee grey
TSU02-M wasabi
TSU04-M fjord blue
TSU08-M marsala red
TSU06-M manatee grey
TSU02-L wasabi
TSU04-L fjord blue
TSU08-L marsala red
TSU06-L manatee grey
TSU02-XL wasabi
TSU04-XL fjord blue
TSU08-XL marsala red
TSU06-XL manatee grey
Terry Towel Light
Terry Towel Light TTE01-S light blue
TTE03-S dolphin blue
TTE07-S bamboo green
TTE05-S koala
TTE01-M light blue
TTE03-M dolphin blue
TTE07-M bamboo green
TTE05-M koala
TTE01-L light blue
TTE03-L dolphin blue
TTE07-L bamboo green
TTE05-L koala
TTE01-XL light blue
TTE03-XL dolphin blue
TTE07-XL bamboo green
TTE05-XL koala