Pillow Cases

Pillow Case

The premium pillow cases are designed to fit and store COCOON Travel Pillows. They feature a hidden pocket that allows the pillow to fold away for travel and storage. Used alone and filled with a pullover or a fleece jacket, the pillow case instantly makes a comfortable pillow!

Pillow Case
Silk-Cotton SCPC1 monk's red
SCPC2 monk's red
SCPC3 monk's red
Pillow Case
Silk-Cotton-SeaCell SCSPC1 natural
SCSPC2 natural
SCSPC3 natural
Pillow Case
Cotton Flannel
Cotton Flannel FPC1 african rainbow
FPC2 african rainbow
FPC3 african rainbow
Pillow Case
Microfleece PFPC1 dark blue
PFPC2 dark blue
PFPC3 dark blue