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TravelSheets I MummyLiners

A TravelSheet is an extremely lightweight and roomy sleep sack or sleeping bag liner for hotels, youth hostels, alpine huts, boats, planes and trains. TravelSheets are also used as warm weather sleeping bags and guestsheets.

A MummyLiner is an extremely lightweight tapered sleeping bag liner. It adds insulation and comfort and keeps your sleeping bag clean.

Silk TravelSheet
Silk MummyLiner
Silk Economy
Silk Economy TravelSheet
Silk Economy MummyLiner
Ripstop Silk
Ripstop Silk TravelSheet
Ripstop Silk MummyLiner
Ripstop Silk Expedition
Ripstop Silk Expedition MummyLiner
Vapor Barrier Liner – Ripstop Nylon
Vapor Barrier Liner – Ripstop Nylon MummyLiner
Silk-Cotton TravelSheet
Silk-Cotton MummyLiner
Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian Cotton TravelSheet
Egyptian Cotton MummyLiner
Microfiber TravelSheet
Microfiber MummyLiner
CoolMax TravelSheet
CoolMax MummyLiner
Thermolite Silkweight
Thermolite Silkweight TravelSheet
Thermolite Silkweight MummyLiner
Dual Liner
Dual Liner TravelSheet
Dual Liner MummyLiner
Thermolite Performer
Thermolite Performer TravelSheet
Thermolite Performer MummyLiner
Thermolite Radiator
Thermolite Radiator TravelSheet
Thermolite Radiator MummyLiner
Cotton TravelSheet
Cotton MummyLiner
Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton TravelSheet
Organic Cotton MummyLiner
Cotton Flannel
Cotton Flannel TravelSheet
Cotton Flannel MummyLiner
Merino Wool
Merino Wool TravelSheet
Merino Wool MummyLiner
Microfleece Lightweight
Microfleece Lightweight MummyLiner
Microfleece Mediumweight
Microfleece Mediumweight TravelSheet
Microfleece Mediumweight MummyLiner