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Mosquito Net Ultralight for Hammocks

Nylon mesh
Nylon mesh

Super lightweight mosquito net for single size hammocks. 

The ultralight and super fine 15 Denier Nylon Mesh net protects you against all kinds of mosquitoes and also smallest midges such as black flies. At the same time it allows very good airflow and visibility.

  •  YKK-zippers on both sides allow the doors to be tied open in the center for ventilation.
  • Tie out loops on each side allow the net to be guyed out for more room inside.
  • The net can be supported either by a continuous ridgline or if one is not used, using the included tie-out system with LineLocs.

15 D Nylon Mesh 

mesh size 600 holes/square inch


Hand wash. Do not bleach. Do not use dryer. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

280x130 cm
190 g
Packing size:
19x8 cm