Lyocell made of Eucalyptus trees

The COCOON Eco Travel Towel is a skin-friendly, super-soft travel towel made of fast-growing, sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees. It is produced in a closed loop Lyocell production cycle with minimal use of water and chemicals.

Eucalyptus as raw material

Eucalyptus trees grow fast on relatively scarce, even stony ground. No irrigation, pesticides or insecticides are needed. To insure that the Eucalyptus wood used for our COCOON Eco Travel Towels comes from sustainable forestry and not from monocultures, we use certified Eucalyptus trees from Australia only. In Australia Eucalyptus is part of the native flora.  In order to maintain the natural Eucalyptus population, only single branches of a tree are cut and new branches can grow out of them naturally.  Consequently, Eucalytus woods in Australia do not have to be reforested.

Lyocell Technology

The Lyocell production technique is used to transform Eucalyptus wood into a fiber. An organic solvent extracts cellulose in a closed loop production cycle. In this way the use of water can be minimized and there is no chemical output. 99% of the solvent and the water remain in the production process and are recycled.

100% Bio-degradable

Due to the fact that the organic solvent is removed completely from the fiber and stays in the closed loop production cycle, the sustainably produced Eco Travel Towel can be composted at the end of its lifetime. After the removal of the hang up loop and the wash label it is 100% bio-degradable.

COCOON ECO Travel Towel

Skin-friendly, super-soft travel towel made of fast-growing, sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees.


The COCOON Eco Travel Towel is not just sustainable, it also fulfills all requirements for a perfect travel towel. It is lightweight, fast-drying and very absorbent. 

Compared to COCOON Microfiber Towels it is more absorbent than the Microfiber Towel Ultralight and dries faster than the Terry Towel Light

Moreover, it is naturally antibacterial, very skin-friendly and perfectly soft. Rough hands, dirt or tree needles do not get caught in the terry loops. 

advantages for the consumer

The COCOON Eco Travel Towel is a wonderful, sustainable alternative to microfiber towels. Not just the towel is sustainable, also the stuff sack made of recycled nylon is. In addition, the Eco Travel Towel is OEKO-tex  Standard 100 certified, which guarandees color fastness and skin compatibility. Purchasing this special towel you definitely do yourself and the environment a big favor.

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