Sustainability and Social Justice

Sustainability and Social Justice

Sustainability and social compliance in the production of COCOON products matter to us. We are aware of our responsibility as an outdoor company and always strive to improve the production process and to produce fair and sustainable products


COCOON has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) since 2012.The organization monitors the social compliance of producers. In our factories audits are conducted on a regular basis to make sure that social standards and fair working conditions are guaranteed.

COCOON products are produced exclusively in small factories. On regular visits to these factories we not only check on the quality of our products but also on the working conditions in the factories. The long term partnerships with these factories are based on mutual trust and personal relationships. It is part of our philosophy to cultivate these partnerships and grow with our partners in order to develop extraordinary products and to bring about positive social change.

Sustainibility has been important to us since the founding years of our company. We understand sustainability as a way of small steps. Every production process leaves traces on our planet. We are striving to keep these traces as small as possible. Already in the first productions of our cotton TravelSheets and MummyLiners in the year 1991 we abstained from using caustic soda or other brighteners. We have also always tried to reduce the use of chemical textile finishers to minimize the use of chemicals. In 2011 COCOON was the first company in this product sector to offer TravelSheets and MummyLiners made of certified organic cotton. Also in the development and production of other products we increasingly try to take sustainable paths. We use more and more recycled materials and our DWR for nylon and polyester fabrics has been PFC free for a long time now. Animal welfare is of high importance to us and all our down and merino wool is third party certified..

Some steps have already been taken, others are to follow. We take it step by step – for more sustainability and to keep our wonderful planet worth living on.

Sustainable changes that have already been made:

  • TravelSheets and MummyLiners made of 100% third party certified organic cotton
  • 100% recycled CoolMax EcoMade and Thermolite EcoMade for all CoolMax and Thermolite products
  • 100% recycled filling materials in all sleeping bags and hammock quilts
  • PFC-free nylon and polyester fabrics
  • certified fluor-carbon free hydrophopic down
  • All inflatable Air-Core Pillows come with exchangable bladders. Should a bladder start to leak, it can easily be exchanged without having to dispose of the rest of the pillow.
  • 100% recycable packaging material
  • Sustainable COCOON Eco Travel Towels made of 100% Eucalyptus trees. The closed loop Lyocell production process for this towel saves water and minimizes the use of chemicals.
  • third party certified down
  • third party certified merino wool
  • 100% recycled, certified polyester for all new COCOON Travel Organizers

Measures planned for the near future:

  • Establishment of a repair service