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Travel Set Ultralight - 5 pieces

The super-lightweight COCOON TravelSet contains a CoolMax Travel Blanket, a Microfiber Travel Towel, Eye Shades, Ear Plugs, an ultralight Air-Core Neck Pillow and a zippered tote bag with room for other travel accessories.

  • Coolmax Travel Blanket 180 x 140 cm
  • Towel Ultralight 90 x 50 cm
  • U-Shaped Neck Pillow Ultralight
  • Eye Shades De Luxe
  • Ear Plugs

Please refer to the description of the materials of each single product of the TravelSet.


Please refer to the washing instructions of each single product of the TravelSet.

593 g
Packing size:
19 x 18 x 8 cm